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Audiobooking: Mend the World

Currently listening:  Mend the World -- Spiritual Tools for Healing, Repair, and Justice by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. 7h 54m. Published 2022, Sounds True.  Link to publisher:  Authors Website: Table of Contents Track 01. Session 1. A spiritual orientation to healing the world. Track 08. Session 2. Making space for feelings about a broken world. Track 14. Session 3. Trying to encounter another -- a justice perspective.  Track 23. Session 4. Find your place on deck. Track 30. Session 5. Community and solidarity. Track 39. Session 6. Using your prophetic voice. Track 48. Session 7. Spiritual practice as part of social justice work. Track 57. Session 8. Hope.

GIF'n Take: Carrow yyyep

#JQ3e01 #yyyep Name: JQ3e01 Carrow yyyep Clip source: Zoom: 3.0 Clip Speed: 110% Crop/Size: 480x480 Watermark: 50% opacity Transition: Smooth Cut (Resolve) Font: Albertus / Bold / Dropshadow Thoughts: In a draft version, I didn't like how jarring the start and end of the clip turned out.  To solve this, I subdivided the clip into A and B. I then moved B to the front, and linked B/A with a Smooth Cut transition. I'm happy with the result. The clip lent itself well to this -- the background is mostly static and Carrow leaves the frame to simulate an infinite re-spawn. I fussed way too much over how to visually represent the audio. He drags out the yeh of yep so just yep didn't seem clear or correct. I tried yeeep , y-yep , y...ep , and yyy-yep before landing on yyyep . How would you have subtitled this?

Big Plans?

I had big plans a decade ago. Things were working out -- 2012 was a great year and I was looking forward to improving on them in 2013.    And then they didn't.    And they kept not improving.    I found myself falling back into old destructive habits. My Internal Critic was usually running the show. There were fits and starts -- some of which were amazing experiences -- but looking back those seem to be between long, long periods of creative stuck-age and just getting by. I'm not sure what this blog is yet, but I'm older than I've ever been and now I'm even older.  If you've found this, dear reader, thanks for joining me.  ~Seth