Audiobooking: Mend the World

Currently listening:  Mend the World -- Spiritual Tools for Healing, Repair, and Justice by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg.
7h 54m. Published 2022, Sounds True. 

Link to publisher: 

Authors Website:

Table of Contents

Track 01. Session 1. A spiritual orientation to healing the world.

Track 08. Session 2. Making space for feelings about a broken world.

Track 14. Session 3. Trying to encounter another -- a justice perspective. 

Track 23. Session 4. Find your place on deck.

Track 30. Session 5. Community and solidarity.

Track 39. Session 6. Using your prophetic voice.

Track 48. Session 7. Spiritual practice as part of social justice work.

Track 57. Session 8. Hope.


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