GIF'n Take: Carrow yyyep

#JQ3e01 #yyyep
Name: JQ3e01 Carrow yyyep

Clip source:

Zoom: 3.0

Clip Speed: 110%

Crop/Size: 480x480

Watermark: 50% opacity

Transition: Smooth Cut (Resolve)

Font: Albertus / Bold / Dropshadow


In a draft version, I didn't like how jarring the start and end of the clip turned out. 

To solve this, I subdivided the clip into A and B. I then moved B to the front, and linked B/A with a Smooth Cut transition.

I'm happy with the result. The clip lent itself well to this -- the background is mostly static and Carrow leaves the frame to simulate an infinite re-spawn.

I fussed way too much over how to visually represent the audio.
He drags out the yeh of yep so just yep didn't seem clear or correct.

I tried yeeep, y-yep, y...ep, and yyy-yep before landing on yyyep.

How would you have subtitled this?


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